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TELELLAMA have announced live show at GAS meet up Bangkok Chapter 1 By Gangster ALL STAR

TELELLAMA is also excited to announce that they will be show at Arttro Studio Barber on 26th November 2022 in the Gangster ALL STAR events GAS meet up Bangkok Chapter 1. This will be the first time TELELLAMA has played live with Gangster ALL STAR team.

Gangster All Star: Evolution is a collection of 7777 Gangsters unique avatars hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gangster grants you access to a community comprised of 50 gangs, each one representing distinct characteristics. Every gang houses individuals who dare to be different and strive to make their presence known to imagine and innovate together.

THE GAS MEET UP BANGKOK CHAPTER 1 (Presented by GAS and Budweiser club)

26th November 2022

6PM. Until Mid-night

Register : Here!!

For GAS Holder

- Free Entry

- Free Drink

- Free Special Gift

- Surprise Gift at the event

For Followers

- Tickets 300 Baht (at door only) - Free Drink

Events activity

- GAS team open stage

- Mini concert TELELLAMA


- Raffle game

- Party all night

More information Here!!

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