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' PANICIAN ' sign to GUESSWHAT!? , share new song ' TOKYO TRAIN ' and announcement debut EP. album

Since they appeared with their self-titled, self-released back in 2020, Bangkok trio PANICIAN has exuded both clarity of intent and radiant self-confidence. By bleak and razor sharp, skipping from Indie-Rock to Post-Punk and back again, it offered confirmation of a band whose wiry energy and melodic ease made them has been instantly observed.

Nowadays, the band share their first single with GUESSWAHT!?, “ TOKYO TRAIN ”. This song is for anyone who is facing problems or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, sad, or here it not your place.

'PANICIAN' just want to tell you, try to put it aside for a bit, and try to leave what you call a "safe zone". Cannot say if you leave the safe zone you will find something good or not. However, you will definitely find something new. Just try to step out of comfort zone, and try to experience it for yourself.

Afterthought, they will be releasing the debut EP. Album " SUPERNOVA " at the end of this year!!!

PANICIAN line-up compose of Netithon Thungkasopa (lead vocals, guitar), Dulyawat Wongpien (bass), Tawat Jirapisitkul (guitar).

Listen to PANICIAN on steaming below :

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