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Panician share new song "I Am Supernova"

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Panician have today shared their new release with live sessions video "I Am Supernova". This single will feature on their hugely-anticipated the first EP. album Supernova is going to release on this November.

" It's just a strong looking man, that wants someone to understand. However, he does not care if, he did not get it. Same as, the supernova to always shine, aggressive and bright " Like the previously released videos for "Tokyo Train", the video for “I Am Supernova” will be show as live sessions video is directed by Tawat Jirapisitkul.

PANICIAN line-up compose of Netithon Thungkasopa (lead vocals, guitar), Dulyawat Wongpien (bass), Tawat Jirapisitkul (guitar).

Listen to PANICIAN on steaming below :

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