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Panician release ' Supernova ' EP

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Today, the Bangkok-based Panician release Supernova EP, the life experience considerately to create the short story and seamlessly blend together to create an EP. with aggrassive and razor sharp of sound design.

Supernova includes the thrumming “Close my eyes”, is a song to tell you about the repetition of thinking, even if we do not want to do it. However, everything is dependent on each other, even the most important things, the song “I am supernova” can best be amplified through aggressive music. On the side of “Hangout couple” tell you sometimes the self-importance has affected to others more than you think. For the “Tokyo train” show you about the turning point of life by self confidence. Finally, “Keep your tear” is the summary of everything by letting go of everything.

Ep. Supernova , the first Ep. by Panician, now avaliable on all streamings and for the conceptual musicvideo will be releasing on 14th November 2022 7PM (+7GMT.) on the band channel.

Listen to Panician on streaming below :

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