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PANICIAN have announced 2 live shows at Lido Connect

PANICIAN is please to announce that they will have 2 shows at Lido Connect on 22nd March 2023 and 8th April 2023, in the Bud Live House #40 and GASSED UP by GANGSTER ALL STAR.

For the show on 22nd March 2023, they will play with VVAS from Parinam Music and Yellow Fang. The show is going to play at Lido Connect Hall 3.

Lido Connect x Budweiser Presents

Bud Live House #40

Date : 22nd March 2023

Location : Lido Connect Hall 3

Line Up



Yellow Fang

Door open : 18:00

Other the show on 8th April 2023, they will play with KIKI from Parinam Music and BOMB AT TRACK from Genie Records and ADORA the Japanese Band from Bangkok, Thailand. The show at Lido Connect Theatre 2. GASSED UP is the second events from NFT team called Gangster All Star, their also have the event name GAS MEET UP BANGKOK CHAPTER 1 at last year and TELELLAMA also played in their show.

Gangster All Star: Evolution is a collection of 7777 Gangsters unique avatars hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gangster grants you access to a community comprised of 50 gangs, each one representing distinct characteristics. Every gang houses individuals who dare to be different and strive to make their presence known to imagine and innovate together.

Gangster all star presents


Date : 8th April 2023

Location : Lido Connect Theatre 2

Line Up





Door open : 15:00

PS. For GAS Holder could be get the ticket for free at Gangster All Star Discord.

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