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No Know sign to GUESSWHAT!? and release their third single with label "F.T.S.H."

After self-released of the first single Muanlai and second single with Alt Orient ( Jordan ), Bangkok to Petra. The electronic duo consisting by Thanadol Wongprasobsuk (Boat) and Tanon Sanglek (Non) from Mahidol College of Music Salaya, ' NO KNOW ' have signed to GUESSWHAT!? and announcing their new single with label.

This single called ' F.T.S.H ' give the sound of groovy and chilling. Boat told us about this song, "In my opinion, the successful for something will be becoming with many factors. However, the timing is the most important thing to focus. " and he continues to say that, "Whether it's the truth that I want to discover my own identity. I think it just like the real thing in the long liar story or the love kissing that, I have dreamed for. It is like waiting for the rhythm that can make us drunk with the music. Waiting for that time to come may be the only thing we can do."

For this single, featuring with Pree Asvaraksha (Vann) from the Folk band Venn as a singer of this song.

FTSH will be releasing on Thursday 15th December 2022 at 00.00 am (+7GMT) with all music streaming and the official music video will coming soon.

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