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NO KNOW Released Alternative Remix Album 'Back to the Jungle'

The duo Electronica Organic House Downtempo band NO KNOW released their new remix album called Back to the Jungle on the 6th June 2024.

Back to the Jungle is the innovative debut album by NO KNOW, a artist duo in the Organic House scene. This genre, characterized by its fusion of electronic beats with natural and acoustic elements, provides a unique and immersive listening experience. NO KNOW  has masterfully crafted an album that transports listeners into a lush, rhythmic soundscape, blending the synthetic with the organic. This album was recorded in Guesswhat!?, under the guidance of Tanon Sanglek, and remix by Thanadol Wongprasobsuk (Microboat) who bring the NO KNOW's vision to life.

For the concept of this remix album explores about the themes of nature, balance, and the primal connection between humans and the earth. The album features intricate rhythms, natural soundscapes, and melodic grooves that evoke the sensation of wandering through a vibrant jungle. Tracks like Bangkok Tequila highlight the genre's signature blend of organic and electronic sounds, while songs like Bangkok to Petra offer a more meditative and introspective journey.

For those seeking a deep, immersive listening experience, Back to the Jungle offers a perfect blend of electronic innovation and organic authenticity, making it an essential addition to the world of Organic House.


1. MUAN LAI (Alternative Remix)

2. Black Book (Alternative Remix)

3. F.T.S.H. (Alternative Remix)

4. Bangkok to Petra (Alternative Remix)

5. Bangkok Tequila (Alternative Remix)

Back to the Jungle from NO KNOW is available now on every music streaming.

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