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Hangout Couple single from Ep. Supernova has released with Apple music as time exclusive video

On the date 14th November 2022 ago, Panician the bangkok-base post punk band has been released the first Ep. Supernova in all streaming and conceptual music video in youtube. Hangout Couple the third track of this Ep. was chosen by Apple Music to release with Live Sessions video in time exclusive content with them.

For this content, could be accepted by Apple Music subscriber account only for 2 weeks (14th November 2022 until 28th November 2022). However, after 2 weeks the Live Sessions video will be released on the GUESSWHAT!? youtube account.

For the Ep. Supernova now available on the all music streaming platform and the conceptual music video could be watched in the band Youtube channel.

Watch Here!! : Hangout Couple Apple Music exclusive live sessions

Listen Panician Here!! : Streaming

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