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GW!? Store announcement 2024 collections

We are extremely proud to announce our 2024 merchandise collection!!. All items are going to sell at Cat T-Shirt by Cat Radio and some items of this collection will be available at the online store on 10 June 2024. For this collection, TELELLAMA redo about the popullar product collaborated with Evilwear, and the shirt was designed by The Duang. Not only the GW!? merch but also Evilwear will be selling in our shop. They have the collection has collaborated with Gangster All Star.

Also, the Dream-Pop band from Changmai Echo Resort have their collections from album The Beginning of the End for sell with us. They have cloth bag with 4 colours, the album T-Shirt and their album with Vinyl and CD.

Cat T-Shirt is a T-Shirt and Merchandise combined with a music festival by Cat Radio that will be held on the 1st and 2nd of July 2023 (12:00-23:59) at Sirikit Convention Center. This festival has many rabel shops, art shops, clothing shops and mini concerts with musicians.

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