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ECHO RESORT sign to Guesswhat!? with new 2 singles

After self-released of the first Album The Beginning of the End . The Post-Punk Revival and Dream Pop band consisting 3 members by Joelle Robertson (Joelle), Thunpisit Pattrachodsoadthigul (Bubble) and Chatwaut Supradit (Seagame) which is know as ECHO RESORT from Chiang Mai the metropolis of the North of Thailand, have signed to GUESSWHAT!? and announcing their new 2 singles called Into the streets and Heat with label.

Echo Resort's latest single, "Into the Street," is a heartfelt blend of indie dream pop and post-punk. The song explores themes of overcoming addiction, starting anew, and the freedom that comes with reclaiming life. The lyrics depict the struggle and triumph over addiction, with an accessible melody and rhythm that invigorate and inspire change for the better.

Musically, Into the Streets features sweet guitar lines, atmospheric synths, and danceable rhythms, creating a sound that uplifts and provokes deep thought. The unique and powerful vocals add emotional depth, embodying the spirit of transformation and liberation. This song is for everyone ready to leave the past behind and step into a bright future.

Echo Resort's second single, "Heat," is a mesmerizing indie dream pop/post-punk track reflecting inner turmoil and clarity on the spiritual path. The song captures intense and confusing internal struggles, emphasizing the importance of pausing, reflecting, and finding purpose amidst chaos. The lyrics take listeners on a journey through overwhelming personal crises and endless emotional battles, illustrating the path to recovery and self-discovery with imagery of being cleansed by the sea and shedding old layers.

Heat stands out with its atmospheric sounds, crunchy guitar lines, and mellow mood, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Echo Resort hopes listeners find comfort in this song, knowing that pausing and reflecting can lead to deeper understanding and life's meaning. Heat encourages embracing the process, trusting the journey, and finding peace in the knowledge that everything is part of something greater.

Echo Resort invites you to experience their latest singles, Into the Streets and Heat, available on all streaming platforms starting July 4, 2024. Let their powerful music and heartfelt lyrics take you on a fresh musical journey!


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