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Reub — To reach a part of your brain (official video)

Reub — To reach a part of your brain (official video)

Reub 'To reach a part of your brain' released under Guesswhat!? Streaming : __________________________________________________________ Subscribe to Reub Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Subscribe to GUESSWHAT!? YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: __________________________________________________________ SONG: To reach a part of your brain ARTIST: Reub LABEL: GUESSWHAT!? Producer: Reuben Tan, Paramee Bamroongtanasurp LYRICS I'm sorry if I don't I'm sorry if I don't understand Even though I really want to I don't know if it's because You're a woman, and I'm a man So I don't know if I ever can But I know that the pain is real Even if I don't know Feel the way that you feel I wanna be there for you I wanna be there for you I wanna be there for you I wanna be there for you There for you... __________________________________________________________ MUSIC BY Music and lyrics: Reuben Tan Performed by: Reub Arranged by: Reub Additional production: Paramee Bamroongtanasurp Vocal director: Paramee Bamroongtansurp Electric Guitar: Natdanai Yakaew Mixed and mastered by: Paramee Bamroongtanasurp Recorded at Maker Studio VIDEO BY An Auburne Production IG: Directed by: Thanin Sumethasorn Screenplay: Reuben Tan Produced by: Reuben Tan, Thanin Sumethasorn Cinematography: Thanin Sumethasorn, Reuben Tan, Purim Chunnguen Assistant director: Sakdipong Jittasaiyapan, Purim Chunnguen Lighting: Thanin Sumethasorn Colorist: Thanin Sumethasorn Production Manager: Wannaphon Pratipanwat Production Design: Thanin Sumethasorn, Reuben Tan Cast Assistant: Chuenkamon Upasan Cast: Monthinan Khaloar Edited by: Thanin Sumethasorn, Reuben Tan SPECIAL THANKS: Cynthia Adebiyi-Yekinni MOND-CA COFFEE BAR & CAFE ___________________________________________________ SHOW BOOKING 087-331-7800 (Bookiesh) 086-388-5971 (Bambam) 084-697-3066 (Joker)