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Reub release new single "To reach a part of your brain"

Reub excited to share the upcoming release of new single titled To reach a part of your brain through Guesswhat Records.

Known for his unique sound and insightful lyrics, Reub, who hails from Singapore, shares a song that is sure to be a hit with listeners. To reach a part of your brain promises to be an emotionally intelligent journey.

In the world of our grief and sorrow, all we can do is go through it, and go alongside those around us who grieve as well. Reub’s newest single tells a story that transcends the language of mere words. Taking its title from a quote in hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Hatch said that music can reach parts of the brain that words can't. So maybe that's the key, a lifeline. A lifeline back to reality. It's worth a shot (Robin).

The song captures the idea that music can be a vehicle for compassion and empathy. While there are no overt references to love in the song, the thematic impact is palpable, painting a nuanced portrait of human relationships and compassion.

Reuben talents go beyond the singer-songwriter stage; his academic studies in jazz music at Silpakorn University demonstrate his commitment to excellence in the field of music. The singer-songwriter’s eclectic discography, which features a blend of alternative R&B, soul, bedroom pop, and indie-rock, has earned him praise for his introspective lyricism and artistic integrity.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the evocative soundscape of "To reach a part of your brain," slated for release on April 11, 2024, across major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Listen To Reach a Part of Your Brain : Here!!

Follow Reub : Here!!

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