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NO KNOW share their studio short mixing.

NO KNOW returning from the latest release Bangkok Tequila, with a new track and remix package for their all release.

Playlisted last year with Lavant-based independent record label Alt Orient, for the song Bangkok to Preta and Bangkok Tequila re-appears here as an extended mix from Microboat with additional sounds from him.

NO KNOW is a Thai electronic music duo consisting of friends from Mahidol College of Music, Thanadol Wongprasobsuk, and Tanon Sanglek. Their debut studio Single, Muanlai, was released on 6th June 2022, by Self-title, and released 2nd single Bangkok to Petra with Alt Orient from Jordan.

Exploring the unique sound blending traditional music, electro, house, and twangy electric guitar riffs into a unique type of genre.


Oct 1st - Bangkok,Thailand @ NANA Festival 2023

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