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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

TELELLAMA share "THE EX-BOYFRIEND CLUB", the new single from their first album THE DEEPEST PART OF SQUAREROOT X, due out in 2023 on digitally and hard copies. However, this single release on 25th Aug 2022 with GUESSWHAT!?

Talking about this song, Bookiesh says "When you try to forget someone, It's not easy. But, if you want someone who has been broken as well, This club is the answer for you. You can tell for all your tragic love and we will proving that we are too cool to be sad!!."

Bookiesh continue to says "In this song we got the inspiration from the old British pub, every people in pub can be talking everything if they want, and the others are always support them Stories. For about the music part, we are mixing the old school rock sound with the modern synth sound. Aom adds: "However, I cannot hear the synth sound (lol)". And Fujiwara adds: "Because of, we want to make something new but, this not a new one" Yodboon adds: "But, Bookiesh Like it!!."

Bookiesh says "Helena Amarantinis Phansook from KIKI helped us for main lyrics and chorus sound. She listened my stories and make this lyric around 10 min (lol), I am very surprise.

' THE EX-BOYFRIEND CLUB ', the eighth studio single by TELELLAMA, will be released by GUESSWHAT!? on 25th August 2022.

Listen to TELELLAMA on streaming below :

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