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Panician share "SUPERNOVA" EP. as Live Sessions and announces December live date

From the mid-November Panician released their new EP. album 'SUPERNOVA' and sold this EP. with the limited edition at Cat Expo 9th at Guesswhat!? booth. Then, the Ep. Supernova Cat Expo edition is not for sale now because of, this Ep. produce for Cat Expo only.

However, This Ep. available with the standard studio version, will be pre-order at the Guesswhat!? website at the store section on 6th December 2022 5 PM (+7GMT) until 20th December 2022 11AM (+7GMT).

Nowadays, Panician will releasing all tracks for the album’s around 20-minutes of this EP. by the live sessions video. This live sessions directed by Tawat Jirapisitkul From Guesswhat!? will be premiered in Guesswhat!? youtube on the day 1st of December 2022 and will be played at 5 PM (+7GMT).

Additionally, Panician is pleased to confirm a show at Speakerbox, Thonglor, Bangkok of Thailand in event "Glues Sound" with PICK&ROLL, Outside the Window and La Nuit on this Friday and for the full tour dates will show you belows.

Upcoming live dates

2nd December – The Glues Sound at Speakerbox, Thonglor, Bangkok

17th December – Siam Music Festival 2022, Bangkok

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