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NO KNOW share their show from NANA FEST.

NO KNOW was recording their show at NEVER NOT HIGH , soi NANA China town from the event NANA FESTIVAL 2023. NO KNOW attended this festival with DJ Set (Microboat only) and got the show approximately one hour.

This recording could be listen on mixcloud website and could be listien NO KNOW more mixing with this website too.

NO KNOW is a Thai electronic music duo consisting of friends from Mahidol College of Music, Thanadol Wongprasobsuk, and Tanon Sanglek. Their debut studio Single, Muanlai, was released on 6th June 2022, by Self-title, and released 2nd single Bangkok to Petra with Alt Orient from Jordan.

Exploring the unique sound blending traditional music, electro, house, and twangy electric guitar riffs into a unique type of genre.


Oct 15th - Bangkok,Thailand @ BLUEPRINT LIVE HOUSE

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