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NO KNOW Release The New Single “BANGKOK TEQUILA”

NO KNOW the electronic jungle sound from GUESSWHAT!? share "BANGKOK TEQUILA", the new single from them due out on 25th May 2023 at 5 PM (+7 GMT) on GUESSWHAT!? youtube channel. For this song have NTFOLK17 (Patcharapol Kitpraphasiri) and Dom Lepyutin to featuring with them.

In this song, NO KNOW and lyrics author Artama want to tell that " Having spent enough time in Sin City, one starts to realize that everyone here is messed up in their own unique ways. As there can be no darkness when there is no light, there can be no "evil" when there is no "good". Once you get this, you become free in this beautiful hell. Now pick your poison, and come enjoy the show with us. "

In the part of vocal NO KNOW jam with Ntfolk17 (Patcharapol Kitpraphasiri) for singing this song and Saxophone and Trumpet sound are performed by Dom from LEPYUTIN band.

Listen to NO KNOW on streaming below :

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